Thank you for your interest in the Carver Brewing and Animas Alers ProAm organized by Animas Alers Homebrew Club, Durango, CO.

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Mark packaging "Attn: Animas Alers ProAm" - FYI The drop off location is not Ska Brewing proper, it is their cold storage. People aren't there past 4pm, usually, if you are dropping off.


This competition is AHA sanctioned and open to any amateur homebrewer age 21 or older in the Four Corners Area.

All mailed entries must received at the mailing location by the entry deadline - please allow for shipping time.

The homebrewer brewing their recipe with the professional brewery CANNOT be, or have ever been, an employee of that brewery or on the brewing staff at any brewery.

There will be a limit of five entries per person, with one entry per BJCP sub-category per brewer/team, in order to keep it fair. Two (2) unmarked bottles per entry will be required.

All entrants (or teams) must pay the fee of $10 per entry. Even if the entrant does not wish to have their beer brewed for the Carver Brewing tap-line or go on to the GABF Pro- Am. If the participants are a team there is only one fee per team, per entry.

In order to win the overall competition (Best of Show) a homebrewer MUST be a member of the American Homebrewing Association (AHA) by the time of the competition and at the time of the 2017 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) judging. For teams, all of the brewers must be AHA members. If the brewer does not intend to join the AHA they can still compete for a place (to know how their beer stands up against others) but cannot go on to the GABF Pro-Am competition.

Every bottle must have a Bottle ID Form attached to it WITH A RUBBER BAND. You can generate these labels once you have registered your beer.

The competition will be judged best in show style because that is how the Pro-Am is judged. The judges will be BJCP-qualified judges, professional brewers, certified cicerones, and homebrew club members from the local area.

Anyone already associated with a brewery for the 2017 GABF Pro-Am competition is not eligible to win the overall competition. This is an AHA rule: “Individual AHA members may be associated with no more than one entry submitted into the GABF Pro-Am competition judging at the GABF.”

We will be using the 2015 BJCP styleguide to judge each category/subcategory.  Sour beers, long aged beers, or extreme specialty ingredients are not eligble to win Best of Show as brew time and Carver Brewing equipment cannot handle said beers.

You must have a typed copy of your recipe, with detailed instructions on how to brew the beer, in case you win the competition.

Categories may be consolidated into manageable flights to facilitate judging. Award categories may be consolidated if limited entries are received in certain BJCP style categories.

Carver Brewing Co. reserves the right to change the winning recipe as necessary to accommodate their brewing equipment and ingredient availability. Entrant’s recipes will become intellectual property of the Carver Brewing Co. Carver Brewing Co reserves the right to choose the Pro-Am category winner based on any criteria, including balance to existing line of offerings, ability to participate in the GABF Pro-Am Competition, marketability, etc.

All entries will be picked up from drop-off locations the day of the entry deadline.

All entries must be handcrafted products, containing ingredients available to the general public, and made using private equipment by hobbyist brewers (i.e., no use of commercial facilities or Brew on Premises operations, supplies, etc.).

The competition organizers are not responsible for mis-categorized entries, mailed entries that are not received by the entry deadline, or entries that arrived damaged.

The Best of Show judging will be determined by a Best of Show panel based on a second judging of the top winners.

Bottles will not be returned to entrants.

Competition Officials

You can send an email to any of the following individuals via Contact.

  • Nick Collins — Club Treasurer
  • Tyler Nail — Acting President